Working Out According To Body Type

One thing is that you have decided to change your lifestyle, flush out bad toxins, lose weight and start to eat healthy.

But you are missing one aspect, and that is how important it is to workout use your muscles and boost up your heart rate.

it is fine if you play tennis or do some other sport a few times a week that will help you lose weight for sure and improve your heart.

But this is not the best method to lose body and keep the weight off for good, because you are only burning calories while you are doing the training .

If you want to turn your self into a 24 hour fat burning machine, this is a way that is much more effective:

And that is to go to the gym and build some muscles.

Muscles are brilliant when it comes to losing weight, because they need energy, and a lot of it all the time, also when you are watching TV, sleeping or are doing nothing.

In fact one pound of muscle mass will burn between 50 and 100 calories per 24 hours. So if you gain like 5 pounds of muscle mass extra which is absolutely possible within a very short time, it will give you an extra burn between 250 and 500 calories extra per day, plus the 400-700 calories you are burning by going to the gym and train your muscles.

This can really ad up on a weekly basis and the end result is much higher than doing some sort of sports or only stick to one hour of cardio on a daily basis.

A lot of women are kind of afraid of building muscles because they are afraid of loosing their feminine look and turn out to look like a bulky bodybuilder.

These thoughts are pure psychological and do not have anything to do with real life training if you stick to some simple advices.

Working Out According To Your Body Type

People, men and women are divided up in 3 different groups when it comes to body types.

Are typically people with a wide frame and have a tendency to obesity easier than all the other groups. They usually have shorter muscles which actually make it easier from them to gain a lot of muscle mass, that is too often hidden under layers of fat.

If you belong to this group, the best you can do till you get rid of most of that extra fat is to make sure to have plenty of cardio, incorporated with high intensity weight lifting with the minimum of rest between each set.

You jump from one station to the other in cycles and keep a rep range (the amount of reps for each set) between 15 and 20.

Are the skinny type with very long muscles. Their metabolism is like an oven burning on max all the time, which makes it very difficult to gain muscle mass. It is very rare those people will get any obese problems because of their metabolism, so it is much more the other way around. They want to gain weight.

The best method to do that is by leave out cardio and concentrate on heavy weight lifting with a rep range between and 6 and 10 reps for each set.

Extomorps should have a good meal before and right after their work out based on proteins, healthy fat and good carbohydrates, that will supply them with sufficient energy and building blocks to gain muscle mass.

Are the more general population where most of us unfortunately are having “minor” problems with our diet because it is based on either being to fatty or two rich on carbohydrates, that makes our belly stick out or gives us this bulky look that want us to lose weight.

The best way to train for Mesomorphs is by doing a cardio on a regular basis combined with weight training where you lift between 15 and 8 reps for each sets, this range have a good amount of endurance and at the same some good muscle building features.

If this as a women make you look bulky it is not the training that is the problem but more related to your diet. A lot of women and for that matter men, tends to have these cravings for either fatty food or a high amount of carbohydrates in form of sugar or starches.

The Final Word
But basically when you want to lose weight, you should use your muscles and gain some more muscle mass, because it is the best way to lose weight and keep the weight off for good.